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The internet just wouldn't function the same without graphics. I'm old enough that I can remember when you played text only computer games. You had to type your commands to character in a game on a "Bulletin Board" (usually in your home town) and there were not graphics at all. The internet just couldn't function today without images --- drawn, computer generated (like my logo), photographs,  animations, videos, and more!


The name of an early graphics program from Adobe, has now become a verb. If one edits an image on the computer he / she is said to have "Photoshopped" it. Computer animation has become the norm in movie theaters. Whether it is cartoons, or CGI (Computer Generated Images) in action movies that make an effect look more realistic and fantastic, these things have become an important part of the scene of the world today.


Similarly, graphics can add to or take away from your site. Colbert Cook's Arrowhead Graphics will work hard to find the images you need, even if I have to draw / generate / photograph them.


On this page I'll include some of the images I've done. These will be both drawings and some CGI images from various 3d drawing programs I use These will also include some logos I have drawn over the years. Some of the images will actually be animations as well.

Cylinder from old motorcycle - Line drawingMy version of old 1940's IH pickup. Line drawing with color and shading.Logo for Gammel's Furniture - Line drawing3D rendering of boy playing guitar - CGI, my composition.Tear away of Noah's Ark - My interpretation, since ark means box. -. I built timber by timber, 3D CGI rendering.Another drawing of Noah's Ark constructed timber by timber - 3d Rendered CGIDrawing of biscuit, butter, coffee,  and honey on table with photo background - 3d Rendered CGIPoster of exploded version of beehive with components - Line drawing with texture and color fill.Logo used on Apiary Beekeeping Supplies website - Line drawing with colorLine drawing - not sure he's safe.Neat critter I designed - 3D Rendered CGIBeehive with bees, trees, and flowers - 3D rendered CGIUsed to do Razorback Football promos for - 3D rendered CGI image with photo background.Ad for Qlite's Summer Spree promotion - 3D rendered CGI imagePiratess - 3D rendered CGi image.Another view / pose of the piratess - 3D rendered CGI imageCover for 2020 Apiary Beekeeping Supplies Catalog - Line drawings with photo insert.An illustration I was planning on using for web page design page on this site. Line drawings with color and  texture.Former logo for this site -- Line drawing with color and photo of real arrowhead.

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